OrganiLIQ – (Liquid)


OrganiLIQ is produced using highly concentrated liquid humic substances extracted from the raw humates from which it is derived, then bio-chemically blending these humic and fulvic acids with the three major plant nutrients – Nitrogen – Potassium - Phosphorus.

In contrast with conventional application of NPK nutrients, either in dry or liquid form - whereby the fertiliser components are applied in chemical form, much of which remains bound up and unavailable to the plant, or leaches away into water-courses - the molecular binding of nutrients within the organic humic substances of OrganiLIQ ensures that all the nutrient is bio-available and used efficiently – thereby achieving substantially better results, from dramatically lower application rates of N-P-K.

The molecular electrolyte structure of the humic acids binds these N-P-K elements within the lattice-work of each humic molecule, ensuring that all the nutrient contained in the substance is bio-available for uptake by the plant. In addition to being a super-efficient carrier of these N-P-K nutrients, the humic substances act as plant-hormone regulators and chelators of the nutrients, to ensure that the plant receives only what it needs, when it needs it, thereby ensuring maximum efficient usage of all the nutrient applied. Leading to healthy soil, healthy plants and improved yields.

Usage: OrganiLIQ can be applied to seedlings and young plants when diluted at a ratio of 50 : 1 and applied at the equivalent rate of 5-7.5 litres of OrganiLIQ per Hectare. For established plants, shrubs and trees, OrganiLIQ can be diluted at the ratio of 20 : 1 and applied at the rate of 10 litres of OrganiLIQ per Hectare at intervals of 3 to 6 weeks during the growing season. OrganiLIQ can be applied directly onto plant foliage, or onto the soil beneath and should in all cases be applied during the coolest part of the day – early morning or late evening.



OrganiLIQ costs wholesale $10-$12 per litre FOB Dubai, based on quantities ordered.

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