Cemag is our speciality product and brand name and is manufactured under special formulation in our facility in Ras Al Khaimah. Cemag is an acid soluble cement used to seal off producing formations and to stop lost circulation where bridging materials fail or used in work-over jobs.


It can be easily mixed with standards rig equipments, requiring only the addition of fresh water, seawater or also saturated Nacl BRINE. Its setting time can be pre-determined precisely by the addition of CEMAG RETARDER or CEMAG ACCELATOR. CEMAG THINNER may be applied to adjust the rheological flow properties.




CEMAG may be used to stop virtually all types of loss circulation, including extreme cases where bridging materials prove ineffective as well as for work-over works for sealing production zones.


However, it has been specially designed to seal off production zones and producing formations since it is totally soluble in 15 % HCl : this ensures high return-permeabilities. CEMAG pill can be readily placed using standard rig equipment and drilled through once the problem has been solved.